Holmegaard Celebrate Amarylis/Tealight Smoke/Bloom (5.6 in. H)

Holmegaard Celebrate Amarylis/Tealight Smoke/Bloom (5.6 in. H)

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  • Designer: Alken & Bengtsson
  • Brand: Holmegaard
  • Item #: HG4341450
  • Availability: Usually ships within 5-7 days
  • Dimensions: 5.6 in. H x 4.9 in. Dia., ( 14.1 CM H x 12.5 CM dia. )
  • Material: Glass
  • Gift Box: Holmegaard Gift Boxed
  • Care: Hand Wash
  • The Danish- Swedish designer couple, Alken and Bengtsson, has created this range of tea lights and vases for hyacinth, pearl hyacinth and amaryllis bulbs. Designed as a complement to the vase, the tea light can also fit inside the vase opening, giving you just one more way to decorate your table and home. Enjoy and Celebrate!
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    Alken & BengtssonAlken & Bengtsson

    Nygärds Maria Bengtsson is a graphic designer educated from Konstfack in Stockholm. Thomas E. Alken Møbel is educated as an industrial designer from the Danish Design School.

    Together they work with Holmegaard under the name Alken & Bengtsson.

    shop designer's work

    Initial production at Holmegaard glassworks began in 1825. Early on, the factory produced only green bottles, but its founder Countess Henriette Danneskiold-Samsøe also wanted to produce clear glass tumblers, and the Bohemian glassblowers were able to manufacture these. A lot has happened since production at Holmegaard glassworks first began. Holmegaard has always managed to stay at the cutting edge, while also appealing to contemporary trends – down through the generations. Today, Holmegaard is both classic and modern – and most recently, we have become the recipients of the coveted Re-brand prize, for revitalising Holmegaard’s graphic identity. A lot has happened over the years, but we still share Henriette’s focus: to create glass with heart and soul, and integrity.

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