To Go Thermo Cup, Stainless Steel - Click to enlarge
To Go Thermo Cup, Stainless Steel - Click to enlarge

Stelton To Go Thermo Cup, Stainless Steel


  • Designer: Designit
  • Brand: Stelton Denmark
  • Item #: ST566
  • Availability: Usually ships in 1 - 2 business days
  • Dimensions: 3.25 IN x 7 IN
  • Capacity: 10 OZ (0.3 L)
  • Material: Stainless Steel/ABS Plastic
  • Country: Denmark
  • Now you can lean back in your car and enjoy summer drive. The brand new thermo cup, To Go, has patented rocker stopper allowing you to drink hot coffee or cold iced tea wherever you go. This Summer's novelty from Stelton is now available at your local Stelton shop.

    What is better than having nice cup of coffee while driving your car? But what about the risk of coffee spilling in your lap with potentially dangerous consequences! This problem has now been solved by Stelton's new patented thermo cup "To Go".

    The cup has kind of rocker stopper allowing you to drink from any angle from all 360 degrees around the cup as if there were no lid on. It is exactly the same as drinking from an ordinary cup, no side is the right side. The thermo cup is must for the vacation wherever it takes place: in the summer house, caravan or on the boat! As the designers from Designit say: "This is simple like all other good ideas".

    The thermo cup has the same elegant lines as the rest of the classic series and it is made of stainless steel and plastics.
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    Cooperation is essential at Designit. There is room for individual designers to express their talents, but it is the synergy between designers that gives the best results. This is why Designit always puts together a team of different designers who work together to develop innovative concepts, evaluate them and refine them into inspiring, simple and functional products.

    Designit was founded in 1991 by three industrial designers, Anders Geert-Jensen, Mikal Jørgensen and David Fellah. Today, Designit has 50 employees and offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Paris. Clients include Bang & Olufsen, Novo Nordisk and Munthe plus Simonsen. Designit awards include the International Interior Design Award 2000, iF Design Award 2001 and RedDot Design Award 2003 and 2005.

    The picture above shows Anders Geert-Jensen and Emil Wegger Jensen from Designit.

    shop designer's work
    Stelton DenmarkStelton Denmark

    Stellan and Carton were two friends who merged their first names in forming one of Denmark’s best-know design brands, Stelton. Niels Stellan Høm and Carton Madelaire were army pals who joined forces 50 years ago to start a trading company. They tried their hand at sports shoes and furniture, but their business did not really take off until they heard about a small factory in Fårevejle, Denmark, called Danish Stainless.

    Danish Stainless produced stainless steel tableware, which was very much in vogue in Denmark’s 1960s. Upon entering into an agreement with Danish Stainless, Stelton began marketing a stainless gravy boat that sold like hotcakes in Danish hardware stores and was also a hit outside Denmark. In the United States, Stelton products were the epitome of Danish Design and sold at ten times their Danish prices in high-end department stores and design boutiques.

    A new managing director, Peter Holmblad, brought his far-reaching vision with him when he joined the company. New catalogues, packaging and graphic design all helped create a new design brand. However, Peter Holmblad was convinced that Stelton could survive only through new product design. Far too many companies produced the same kinds of products.

    As the stepson of Arne Jacobsen, who was perhaps Denmark’s greatest architect and designer ever, it was natural for Peter Holmblad to approach his stepfather with a proposal.

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