Bing & Grøndahl Collectibles 2009 Figurine Ornament "Stag" - SOLD OUT
Bing & Grøndahl Collectibles 2009 Figurine Ornament "Stag" - SOLD OUT
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  • Item #: 1249762
  • Bing & Grøndahl Series 2009

    Christmas Plate Series by Jørgen Nielsen

    The Christmas Plate from Bing & Grøndahl is the world's oldest series of collectibles. The motif for 2009 is called "Christmas in the Woods" and is No. 115 in the series. The motif shows the stag, who, together with his hindsm stands at the edge of the woods and studying the winter scenery around him.

    Figurine Ornament by Sven Vestergaard

    The figurine ornament in Bing & Grøndahl’s Christmas plate series this year is a proud stag.

    Mother's Day Plate by Finn Clausen

    The first Bing & Grøndahl Mother’s Day Plate was issued in 1969, and 2009 is the occasion of its 40th anniversary. This year plate No. 41 shows the giraffe and its calf in the African savanna. To mark the anniversary, a limited edition Mothers’ Day’s plate is being issued, featuring hand-painting in delicate colors on glaze.

    Mother's Day Jubilee Plate by Henry Thelander

    In the series of Mothers’ Days Anniversary Plates from Bing and Grøndahl we delve back into the plate’s history every 5 years and recreate an earlier motif. The motif for 2009 was originally issued in 1971 and shows a cat gently lifting its kitten.

    Children's Day Plate by Sven Vestergaard

    In the Children’s Day Plate series from Bing & Grøndahl the motif for 2009 is called “The Little Magician”. It is No. 25 in the series, which started in 1985. This year we see big brother proudly doing tricks for little sister and the family dog.

    Annual Figurine "The Little Orchestra" by Sven Vestergaard

    A new series of annual figurines from Bing & Grøndahl started in 2005. The series is called “The Little Orchestra” and the 2009 figurine shows the girl Anna playing a merry melody on her accordion for her white cat.

    Annual Little Angles by Sven Vestergaard

    The series of Annual angels is a series from Bing & Grøndahl in which we will introduce two new angels every year. The two little angels for 2009 show one angel with a lantern in her hand and another with a paper roll.
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