3Part is a Danish design team that exists since 1998. 3Part consists of 15 employees and runs offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen. 3Part designs products and solutions for Danish and international companies. The employees from 3Part connect their passion for design and innovations.

Products from 3Part are developed in a strong cooperation with the manufacturers. The great experience from the design team enables a more purposeful emerging of the product basing on the initial underlying idea. For 3Part, design means an individual way of life and thinking.

Despite this, 3Part wouldn’t tackle a new project blindly. Before a product emerges, 3Part first analyses the market and complies several possible solutions for the proposed task, because a successful product begins and ends on the market. Therefore the work from 3Part is affected from the needs and demands of the end user.

The work from 3Part subdivides into several phases that are distributed all over a year, depending on the project. Each worker attends to averagely 10-15 projects in a phase. This explains the high experience of the team in the design process.
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