Alev Siesbye

Born in Turkey. Trained in Denmark. Lives in France. With her cosmopolitan background, Alev Siesbye has quite an unusual fuel driving her career as an artist and ceramicist. The combination of beautiful lines and high demands for quality are recurrent themes in all Alev Siebye’s work. But the Mediterranean heritage has still been maintained. She does not feel that her work follows Scandinavian design traditions. Sure enough, the simplicity is there, but her curves and shapes are a little more pronounced and rounder, and could equally well have been created from Anatolic or Egyptian models.

"If I had grown up in Italy, for example, my work would definitely look quite different today. The Latin manufacturing requirements are essentially different. But thankfully I learned to value quality based on Danish standards, which is an advantage I have benefited tremendously from in my work – and that is something that I will always be very grateful for."
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