Mermaid by Hans Bolling
Mermaid by Hans BollingMermaid by Hans BollingMermaid by Hans BollingMermaid by Hans Bolling
Mermaid by Hans Bolling
Designed by Hans Bølling
Item #: AM-350-FJ-OH
ArchitectMade | Denmark
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  • Designer: Hans Bølling
  • Brand: ArchitectMade | Denmark
  • Item #: AM-350-FJ-OH
  • Availability: Ships from our Carmel-by-the-Sea shop within 24 hours.
  • Dimensions:
    H: 6.7", W: 5" (16.7 x 12.9 cm)
  • Material:
    Handmade in Oak / Maple Wood
  • Care:
    Wood is a living material. This means that over time, if the material is exposed to sunlight or high humidity, for example, the color may change slightly as the wood moisture content changes. We recommend wipe with a clean dry cloth and keep out of direct sunlight
  • Fairytales come true

    At first glance, Mermaid reminds us of the famous Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale that most people associate Denmark with. Designed in 1960, Hans Bølling's character goes beyond the fairy tale and embodies an ethereal, refined feminine aura. Her carefully rounded shape and thoughtful lines offer a sense of serenity.

    Mermaid brings together sophisticated and simple Danish design. You can create new expressions simply by turning her head, fin, body, or arms. The head can also be taken off to put the arms over the head. The lower part of her body is made of oak wood, while the upper parts are made out of maple wood.
    Hans B&oslashllingBorn in 1931 in a small town of Braband in Denmark, Hans Bølling attended an Art and Handcraft School originally to become an advertising designer, however some years later he followed his passion for architecture and graduated as an architect from the Royal Danish Art Academy. He designed a plethora of art works, ranging from dolls and furniture to villas, living complexes and town halls.

    The Duck came to life in the 1950s during B&oslah;lling’s younger years, following the architect’s designs of flowers and weeds from the Botanical Garden. Here he decided to create small figures of ballerinas, trolls and musicians for his loved ones. Later, after winning an award he received a carpentry machine, which afforded him the opportunity to carve his beloved figures into wood. It is at this point during the Danish spring that the Duck, and later its offspring – the Duckling, were born.

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