Arne Jacobsen Station Wall Clock - Four Sizes
Arne Jacobsen Station Wall Clock - Four SizesArne Jacobsen Station Wall Clock - Four SizesArne Jacobsen Station Wall Clock - Four Sizes
Arne Jacobsen Station Wall Clock - Four Sizes
Designed by Arne Jacobsen
Item #: RD436XX
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  • Designer: Arne Jacobsen
  • Item #: RD436XX
  • Dimensions: Small: 6.25" (15.9 cm) Diameter
    Medium: 8.25" (21 cm) Diameter
    Large: 11.25" (28.9 cm)
    Extra Large: 18.9" (48 cm)
  • Material: ABS Plastic Case, Polycarbonate Lens
  • Gift Box: Rosendahl Gift-Boxed
  • Country: Denmark
  • Arne Jacobsen was a master of all disciplines of design: architecture, furniture design, lamps, cutlery, textiles, clocks…

    Since 2009, Timepieces Rosendahl Copenhagen has been successfully producing Arne Jacobsen’s wall clocks and watches, and is now expanding the collection with a classic ”table clock” in five different designs. All of them have the unique combination of functional product and design classic that has given Arne Jacobsen's clocks their cult status today.

    Arne Jacobsen is synonymous with internationally acclaimed design icons such as "The Egg" and "The Swan", and is famous for his numerous beautiful architectural works for both private and commercial use. With his multi-talented design skills, he could offer complete design solutions and in this way some of his most famous designs were created: "The Ant" and "Seven" chairs for Novo’s headquarters, the "Bankers" wall clock for Denmark's National bank and not least this autumn’s latest addition, ”Table Clock."

    Industrial functional design.
    The architectural table clock that Timepieces Rosendahl Copenhagen is now relaunching was created by Arne Jacobsen in connection with the construction of a building for the managing director of electrical goods manufacturer Lauritz Knudsen in 1939. Typically Arne Jacobsen, the design is both architectural and minimalist, but at the same time is influenced by Lauritz Knudsen's industrial access to molding with plastic, which was the new wonder material at that time.

    For a number of years, the company produced the table clock and with the present launch of table clocks onto the market, Timepieces Rosendahl Copenhagen is including a special ”LK” model in the collection. In addition to this, the other iconic wall clocks - ”Bankers”, ”City Hall” and ”Roman” - are also being launched in table versions, along with the ”Station” model.
    Arne JacobsenArne Jacobsen (1902—1971) is one of the most influential Danish architects and designers of the 20th century. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen, where he was also a professor of architecture for a long period.

    Arne Jacobsen put his modernist stamp on architecture and design for more than 50 years—not only in Denmark but also internationally. His output was enormous, originating in a philosophy of creating total concepts, where everything was thoroughly designed, with a common thread running through all his work—buildings, furniture and other interior decor. Arne Jacobsen's productions are more relevant than ever—and have enjoyed a strong revival over the last 20 years. He embodies the balancing act of elite creator and household name.

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