Bing and Grondahl Christmas Drop 2015
Bing and Grondahl Christmas Drop 2015
Designed by Sven Vestergaard
Item #: RC1016852
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  • Designer: Sven Vestergaard
  • Item #: RC1016852
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • Dimensions: 1.75" x 0.25" x 3.5"
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Country: Denmark
  • Sven VestergaardAn early start....
    At the age of 16 Sven Vestergaard (b. 1932) was employed at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory as an apprentice in the overglaze department. The effect of this decision is still evident in his meticulous attention to minute detail and the subtleties of the porcelain medium.
    In 1959 Sven left the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory and started working as illustrator at various Danish advertising agencies as well as Berlingske Tidende, Denmark's oldest newspaper.

    ...and a happy return
    When the position as draughtsman in the factory's design studio became vacant in 1975, Sven Vestergaard, who had never lost his love for porcelain, was happy to return and develop his talents as an artist.
    That same year Sven Vestergaard's artwork was chosen for the Christmas plate, "Danish Watermill", his first Christmas plate in a series of many.
    In 1985 he became designer of Royal Copenhagen's Christmas plates and in 1989 he got his own studio, working on a freelance basis for Royal Copenhagen.

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