Danish Pixies

Danish Pixies

These delightfully designed Danish elves will make a special gift, all decked out in their best looking outfits. Your Danish Pixies are sure to become a favorite toy or decoration and will be enjoyed and remembered in the family for years to come. Plus, Scandinavian tradition has it that Pixies are a helpful household fairy and bring good luck to the home.

Our Pixie Family comes from an itty-bitty tiny country far away in the North. From there, pixies have wandered to most other parts of the world, yet only a few know the pixie well. The pixie is shy, and would much rather have us believe that he is made only of pure cotton from head to toe. But we know that deep inside each of our Pixies, a sweet little Christmas heart is pounding with excitement for a new friend and home.

100% natural cotton fiber outer and plush polyester contents. Each Pixie comes with a Story Card and a Christmas Sack.

Don't Miss Out - Order Your Pixies Today. Our popular Danish Christmas Pixies are back! Available in limited quantities last season, these customer favorites are now available. Hej and Velkommen to Lars, Lasse, Leif, Lucia, Liv, Lotta, Marte, Margit, Miss Cheevious, Morton, Magnus, Mats, Sigurd, Soren, Solveig and Sunniva.

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