Kähler Signature Vase, 7.9'' - Two Color Variants

Kähler | Denmark
SKU: KA-690480-RD-FJ
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Inspired by nature, Signature is a vase that surprises with its graphic interpretation of flowers and seed stands and with its perforated ceramic plate placed in the vase’s neck. The large Signature vase measures 7.9" in height and is decorated with wide stripes that change color from the round part of the vase to the top part. And it gives the vase an even more beautiful interplay of colors and adds extra vibrancy and movement, as the stripes not only stop at the top, but continue inside the vase. Not only does this technique look beautiful, but it also adds a whole new dimension to the design when the shape is accentuated from the inside as well as the outside.

The vase was created by the design duo Meyer-Lavigne and made from stoneware – and as per Kähler’s craftsmanship tradition, the vase is of course hand-painted. The deliberately exaggerated shape gives the vase a casual vibe and spreads life in the home, while the Signature vase itself has a truly unique and vibrant look with a certain authenticity to it.

  • Brand:Kähler of Denmark
  • Country: Denmark
  • SKU: KA-690480-RD-FJ
  • Material: Stoneware
  • Care:Not Dishwasher Safe
  • Designer:Meyer-Lavigne
  • Dimensions:H: 7.9", Ø: 6.5"

The Danish design duo Meyer-Lavigne consists of Kristine Meyer and Sabine Lavigne. They both graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in ceramics and glass.

Meyer-Lavigne design and manufacture their own products for the home, creating unique works for exhibitions and galleries, and the decorative and graphic approach to ceramics and glass has become Meyer Lavigne’s trademark.

Meyer-Lavigne take an immediate, playful and experimental approach to design. And with their innovative style and modern color choices, they always contribute to reflections in glass and all the other materials they work with, ranging from ceramics to textiles, wood and prints.

Meyer-Lavigne unfold classic design traditions by embracing a spectacular quirkiness best described as a visual, poetic and subtle story. Here the focus is on materials and sensuality and presence of the artist's hand.

Kähler of Denmark

The story of Kähler begins as early as 1839, when the Dutch potter Herman J. Kähler opens a small ceramics workshop in Næstved and turns the first Kähler vase. It marks the start of a unique design adventure that will one day resonate around the world. However, it is only when his son Herman A. Kähler takes over the famous workshop in 1875 that the ceramic adventure really begins.

Craftsmanship, creativity and artistic collaborations have been part of Kähler's DNA since the beginning. And they still are. It's what has made Kähler an iconic ceramic brand, one which has charted the course of Danish ceramic design.

We create all our products based on Kähler's handmade design traditions. We've always done that—and we always will.

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