Design House "Cloud" Slipper Chair (white)
Design House "Cloud" Slipper Chair (white)
Item #: dh16310100
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  • Item #: dh16310100
  • Cloud Slipper Chair by Lisa Widen

    Let Cloud slide on its hidden curved rail to provide a comfortable sitting position. A soft shape that suits tall and short people alike. The seat can even switch places with the back support. Lisa Widns design has surprisingly modest dimensions, and will fit into any interior without dominating it. Cloud manages to be both small and comfy, with a design which is truly contemporary but nonetheless has a hint of the 1950s. It is a play on tradition, twisting conventions ever so slightly. "Imagine being able to rest on a cloud! My goal was to create an upholstered chair that would be comfortable for everyone, a reclining chair that adapts to the user's body, not the other way round." Lisa Widen found the form for her highly acclaimed final project at Beckmans College of Design in 2006 while on a flight. "I looked down at the soft cotton wool clouds and just wanted to dive down into them. If anything, I think that Cloud symbolises abandon and sublime softness."
    • Dimensions: W: 22.4 Inches (57.4 cm) x L: 39.3 Inches (100.8 cm) x H: 29.1 Inches (74.6 cm)
    • Designed by Lisa Widen

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