Design House Bjork Interior Cushion (dark grey)
Design House Bjork Interior Cushion (dark grey)
Item #: DH16591000
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  • Item #: DH16591000
  • Rugs are anything but old-fashioned. They add comfort and create intimacy, as well as providing an aesthetic experience, and a sense of wellbeing down on the floor. No wonder Lena Bergstrm has added a pillow for even more comfort. The Bjrk rugs and their patterned structure, are definitely city-dwellers with a modern and enriched textile quality, as well as stylish and protective leather edging. Lenas conviction is that a rugs flat textile surface is just as natural in the home as stone and wood. To me, the rugs are poetry, like a quiet whisper within the room. The colour tones create a marbled effect through a warp of cotton intertwined with a weft in wool, known not only for its softness, but also for its in-built resistance to dirt. Bjrk is the Swedish word for birch, a tree that is found all over Sweden and is the symbol of Ume, the town I grew up in, adds Lena. Ive been inspired by the rough black and white trunk which has a strong graphical and unique structure. The leather edging alludes to the inside of the bark. Lena, who has won the Excellent Swedish Design Award several times, is devoted to surfaces, both when she works with textiles and as one of the prominent glass designers at Orrefors.
    • Dimensions: W: 37.4 Inches (95.9 cm) x L: 37.4 Inches (95.9 cm)
    • Designed by Lena Bergstrom

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