Schack Organic Cotton/Linen Tea Towel, Beige - 20 x 27 Inches
Schack Organic Cotton/Linen Tea Towel, Beige - 20 x 27 Inches
Designed by Hanne Vedel
Item #: EK-7753378001
Ekelund Weavers | Sweden
Availability: Ships from our Carmel-by-the-Sea shop within 1-2 weeks.
  • Designer: Hanne Vedel
  • Brand: Ekelund Weavers | Sweden
  • Item #: EK-7753378001
  • Availability: Ships from our Carmel-by-the-Sea shop within 1-2 weeks.
  • Dimensions: 20" x 27"
  • Material: 55% Organic Cotton, 45% Organic Linnen
  • Care:
    Machine wash at 140°F. Wash with similar colors with or without fabric softener. Care instructions: Shake out the runner thoroughly after washing and hang up to dry. For best results, lightly damp iron the runner lengthwise with a steam iron. For extra good results, shape the product after shaking it out.
  • Country: Sweden
  • Our Schack Organic Cotton/Linen Tea Towel is made in Sweden by Ekelund Weavers. These collections of textiles are some of the finest woven table and kitchen linens we've found and reflect the taste and style of the Scandinavian good life. Established 1692, the Ekelunds have been purveyors to The Royal Court of Sweden for over a century. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to offer these beautiful results of this traditional craft for you to use, cherish or share as you see fit. All articles are woven at the old family mill with natural materials that have been cultivated, harvested and selected with respect for the environment and recognized by the Swedish society for nature conservation. In addition, Ekelund Weavers is certified by GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard), the world's leading processing standard for organic textiles.

    Tradition, like love, is passed on from generation to generation and founder Marta Ingemarsdotter's legacy lives on in these collections. Each and every woven article—from the oldest classic patterns to the newest and most colorful—is made in accordance with our family traditions, to be enjoyed in accordance with yours.
    Hanne VedelHanne Vedel's workshop Spindegaarden, has collaborated with and supplied fabrics to numerous corporations and designers around the world. Spindegaarden stands alone in its industry; its high quality output and reasonable price puts it at a level of competitiveness that is unmatched by other companies.

    Vedel's output is a culmination of hard work, fine materials, and creativity, and the resulting product is unmatched in terms of its beauty, durability, and functionality. To prevent her fabrics from appearing stale, Vedel regularly accentuates her designs with earthy tones to contrast with some of the brighter colours. Her end products seem to not only reflect her character, but also embody Denmark's long standing traditions of textile production.

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    Ekelund Master Weavers Since 1692 | SwedenEkelund Master Weavers Since 1692 | SwedenEkelund Master Weavers Since 1692 | Sweden

    Fjorn Scandinavian is one of a handful of global retailers to offer the full line of Ekelund Weavers textiles. These Scandinavian tablecloths, table runners and kitchen linens are some of the finest quality Scandinavian linens available. Designs and patterns range from classic to modern, and each is truly Scandinavian. Made in Sweden since 1692, Ekelund Weavers is the oldest documented textile company still in existence. Their long history is due in no small part to the excellent quality of their linens, which are made in accordance with Swedish family traditions. Just as the textile business has been passed down for generations in the Ekelund family, so will their linens be cherished and passed down in your own family.
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