Forest Black Plastic Rug
Ekelund Weavers Viskaform Forest Black Plastic Rug
Designed by Lasse Skarbøvik
Item #: EK421110956
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  • Designer: Lasse Skarbøvik
  • Item #: EK421110956
  • Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days
  • Dimensions: 28 in X 79 in (70 cm X 200 cm)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Gift Box: Free gift box available upon request.
  • Care: Care instructions included.
  • Country: Made in Sweden
  • Our new Forest Black Plastic Rug from Viskaform epitomizes the marriage of the old and the new, the cutting-edge and the time-honored. With its bold designs and artful manufacture on state-of-the-art computerized Jacquard mills, everything in Viskaform's fun-loving new line makes a delightful accent in the modern home.

    The Viskaform Collection from Ekelund Weavers combines a traditional Swedish sensibility with modern designs and funky motifs. Based on the paintings of award-winning Norwegian designer Lasse Skarbøvik, the designs of the Viskaform collection are inspired by the modern world: street art and graffiti, the human form and the computer avatar. In these bold, tessellated patterns, we see people and animals, plants and buildings, pixels and roadmaps. These elements of modern and traditional human life are made whimsical and new in utilitarian household tools, from rugs and runners to trivets and towels. While the textile patterns are still generated using a time-tested process from 1805, Viskaform's product line is vivid, intrepid, and undeniably exciting.
    Lasse Skarbøvik"The Viskaform Collection is based on figures. Just simple plain figures which evolve to abstract patterns, or patterns that change back to figures. Large lengths at times feel like becoming pieces of free-standing art. I am inspired by modern art seen in street art and in graffiti. The quick, the direct, and the immediate!"

    Born in the city of Stavanger in Norway, and educated at Stockholm's Berghs School of Communications, Lasse Skarbøvik lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. He is known for his bold graphic design and colorful paintings.

    Skarbøvik has been awarded several domestic as well as international awards for his work, including funding from the Swedish Art Society. He has been featured in American Illustration, 3x3 Annual, Print Magazine, Communication Arts, Title Magazine, Association of Illustrators Annual, Images UK, and HOW Magazine, among others.

    Skarbøvik is known for his large wall murals, which have been featured in prominent public and private spaces, including several cruise liners. His work has been extensively exhibited both in Sweden and abroad, most recently in Japan, England, and Norway.

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