ferm LIVING Candleholder - Coral
ferm LIVING Candleholder - Coral
Item #: FL3021
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  • Item #: FL3021
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  • Dimensions: 4.3" W (11 cm W)
  • Gift Box: ferm LIVING Gift Box
  • Country: ferm LIVING - Denmark
  • Welcome to our world of interior objects. When you open the door into the ferm LIVING universe, you will discover a world of playful, geometric shapes in a variety of materials. Gather your vases, candleholders and studios in little clusters of decoration the more the merrier! We have accessories for every room in your house and the splashes of colour and fun figures add that extra touch which we love. So get going gather around!

    The idea for our winebottle candleholders came from "Lady and the Tramp". In one of the famous scenes, Lady and the Tramp share a candlelit dinner at Tony's. On the table you see a winebottle with a candle in it. We wanted to recreate the "candle in a bottle" feel with a twist. So we twisted some wood and played with different colour combinations.
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