Finn Næss Schmidt

That the artist behind Julius, Finn Næss Schmidt, is himself an avid cyclist is obvious from his drawings, which show Julius on different kind of bikes: tandem, trike, delivery bike, and bikes with and without stabilisers.

"For me it has been amusing to create a contrast in my design between two timeless products. The bicycle, which is a mechanical tool, and the teddy, whose function it is to be a kind and cuddly friend. The bicycle, which is a child's first mode of transport, gives the child mobility and enables it to take itself and its beloved teddy out and about. It is a big moment in every child's life."

The artist receives much of his inspiration while cycling. Christmas Joy came about from this creative process, too: "As I am riding my bike my thoughts wander and I see images which I later organize. I then paint the most promising images directly on the porcelain. This is the experimentation process where I follow 2 fundamental rules: It should be beautiful, and be able to be put in production."
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