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Aria Mill, Salt & Pepper, Glass/Black (5.5" - 14 cm)
Gense Aria Mill, Salt & Pepper, Glass/Black (5.5" - 14 cm)
Item #: GE556000400
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  • Brand: Gense
  • Item #: GE556000400
  • Availability: Ships within 7-14 business days
  • Dimensions: 5.5" (14 cm)
  • Material: Wood
  • Care: Surface Wash
  • Country: Sweden
  • Gense mills with ceramic milling operations provide perfect salt and pepper. Change from coarse to fine grain after taste and needs. The grinder comes with two knobs, ”S” and P”, so that you easily can select content.

    Gense is shortened from Gustav Eriksson Nickel Silver made in Eskilstuna. Gense, headquartered in Eskilstuna Sweden, is one of the oldest registered businesses still in existence in Sweden today. In 1856 the company started production using Gustav Erikssons stone ovens. For the next 30 years production increased each year, due to Erikssons high level quality and fine craftsmanship.

    Gustavs son, Axel, took over in 1885. Axel moved the company into a larger factory, equipped with his days modern production equipment. The stone ovens were gone, and the times latest techniques for producing silver plating, using the "galvanic method" were pursued. Gense began producing silver for the coffee table.

    When Axel died the company became known as AB Gustav Erikssons Metalfabrik. The new Managing Director became Lars Hedlund. Mr. Hedlund again modernized production, keeping ahead his eras competition by utilizing the times newest discoveries, techniques, and technologies. Gense was one of Europes 1st flatware producers to begin manufacturing in Nickel Silver.

    In early 1930 Gense again moved quickly and became one of the 1st flatware manufacturers to begin producing products made of stainless steel. Mr. Helund is seen as the man who laid the foundation that built Gense into the company it is today.

    In 1984 the company was introduced on the Swedish stock exchange and two of its largest owners became IKEA and Upsala Ekby AB. The company continued to grow rapidly from 1989 to 1992, acquiring Eternum of Belgium, Saint Medard from Paris, GEWE Guld & Silver, Ronab, Scandia Present and Glabo, all from Sweden. In 1992 the Gense Group became part of K A Rasmussen. K A Rasmussen, a Norwegian company, is the largest supplier of silver, and other precious metals in the Nordic countries.

    Today Gense continues to be world renowned for their stunning designs, ranging from Old World formal, to daring sleek Scandinavian. Our patterns are found on the tables of the royal Swedish & Danish courts, the Nobel awards ceremony dinner in Stockholm & Oslo and all Russian State Dinners.

    Numerous accolades have been bestowed on our patterns through out the years. In 1955 Gense won the 1st prize in design at the California State fair for the Focus De Luxe pattern. In 2006 the popular Appetize cutlery carries on that tradition, having won the prestigious Stockholm Formidable award for best design. Gense, timeless Swedish design since 1856, and well into the future.
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