Gense Ranka Dessert Fork (6.3" - 16 cm)
Gense Ranka Dessert Fork (6.3" - 16 cm)
Designed by Sven Arne Gillgren
Item #: GE7745112
Outgoing / Discontinued. No Stock Remaining.
  • Designer: Sven Arne Gillgren
  • Item #: GE7745112
  • Availability: Usually ships within 10-14 business days
  • Dimensions:
    6.3" (16 cm)
  • Material:
    18/8 Stainless Steel
  • A timeless design with a simple shape and restrained decoration. The cutlery has become a classic, and when you hold it in your hands you will know why, itís very comfortable to use.
    Sven Arne GillgrenSven Arne Gillgren studied at the industrial school of art in Stockholm. He later became the artistic leader of "Goldsmedsaktiebolget" and has made public decorations for churches in Stockholm and Malmö. His work is represented in the Museum of National Art.

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