Linen Kimono Robe, Sand/Off-white
Linen Kimono Robe, Sand/Off-whiteLinen Kimono Robe, Sand/Off-white
Georg Jensen Damask Linen Kimono Robe, Sand/Off-white
Item #: JD6707302-0019
Outgoing / Discontinued. No Stock Remaining.
  • Item #: JD6707302-0019
  • Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
  • Material: 100% Linen
  • Care: We recommend wash at 104°F (40°C), maximum 140°F (60°C). Stretch the product slightly after wash and iron while still damp or use the steam setting.
  • Country: Made in Denmark / EU
  • This luxurious satin woven linen kimono in superior quality provides a special sense of well-being and everyday luxury. The classic cut and gorgeous heavy quality of the linen makes it suitable for both sexes.

    The linen kimono was designed by our own design team, with a focus on functionality, quality and beauty. These are characteristics and values that have been the trademarks of Georg Jensen Damask for centuries. Previously, all of our products were woven in linen, and this kimono celebrates the strong traditions of the past in both the choice of material and fine details, such as the reversed hem and the beautifully embroidered logo.

    The kimono is given a pure expression by the neutral shades of color in the Sand/Off-white. The mottled weave produces a beautiful and discrete play of colors and the LINEN Kimono is a modern classic, which only becomes softer with time.
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