Georg Jensen Glow Candlestick Steel, Mirror Finish
Georg Jensen Glow Candlestick Steel, Mirror Finish
Item #: GJ3586503
Outgoing / Discontinued. No Stock Remaining.
  • Item #: GJ3586503
  • Availability: 24 Hours
  • Dimensions: Dia: 4.1"
  • Material: Mirror Polished Stainless Steel
  • Country: Denmark
  • GLOW is an elegant holder for non-traditional candles. Burning thicker candles is an excellent way to provide warm light and give your home a cosy feeling–especially during the cold winter months. Unfortunately there are not that many options for candleholders that fit pillar candles and other non-traditional shapes. Designer Maria Berntsen introduced GLOW to help solve this problem. The candleholder is elegant: it is constructed of cords of stainless steel that wind around one another and cross over each other in a style reminiscent of the infinity sign. GLOW’s delicate design lends distinction to thicker candle styles.
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