Georg Jensen Large Gold Plated Heart Ornament
Georg Jensen Large Gold Plated Heart Ornament
Designed by Rebecca Uth
Item #: GJ3501610
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  • Designer: Rebecca Uth
  • Item #: GJ3501610
  • Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours
  • Dimensions: 4.3" H x 3.3" W x 0.3" D (110 mm H x 85 mm W x 6 mm D)
  • Material: Gold Plated
  • Care: Comes with a Georg Jensen branded gift box.
  • Country: Denmark
  • Rebecca UthThe story of Rebecca Uth's work with the new Christmas concept created as a tribute to Georg Jensen's great love, started in spring 2009. Often took Rebecca Uth time to slip up in the attic of Georg Jensen's headquarters in Frederiksberg to go on a treasure hunt under the beams of the ornate, old archives.

    The archive is a pure treasure trove of records, hand drawings and photos of everything since 1904 has been sent out with a Georg Jensen stamp. From Queen Margrethe's personally-designed chassis morning to Prince Henry with 110 parts drawings behind the famous fish dishes in silver, as an Arab sheik has just commissioned in size XL, because he will use it to serve lamb. In the archive are countless books as Atlas of Georg Jensen's jewelery - and it was here, Rebecca Uth got the idea inspired by Georg Jensen Art Nouveau jewelry, or "Liberty" as the style was called in German, because in the beginning of the 1900s called of young bohemians in Europe. As in romance, they were in love with nature's own colors, shape and ingenuity which far surpassed what a mortal man had the imagination to invent anything.

    Georg Jensen was among the first in the world to also make jewelry in an unconventional and subtle style. He opened the door for natural symbols like acorns, petals and flower buds, and led them into jewelery in a way that the world had never seen before. With its organic shapes and romantic expression is the style very distant from the minimalist and tight line, as designers later made famous for Georg Jensen in the world. But Rebecca Uth sensed intuitively that just homage to nature and uhøjtideligheden again had nothing to say to today's modern and eco-conscious women like herself. The old smykkers curlicues inspired Rebecca Uth to such a degree that she grabbed the brown sketchbook and instinctively began to draw Christmas decorations in the same style - but in a modern interpretation.

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