Holmegaard Cocoon Bowl Lime (2.4 in. H x 3.9 in. Dia.)
Holmegaard Cocoon Bowl Lime (2.4 in. H x 3.9 in. Dia.)
Designed by Peter Svarrer
Item #: HG4343224
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  • Designer: Peter Svarrer
  • Item #: HG4343224
  • Availability: Usually ships within 5-7 days
  • Dimensions: 2.4" H x 3.9" Dia., ( 6 CM H x 9.8 CM dia. )
  • Material: Glass
  • Gift Box: Holmegaard Gift Boxed
  • Care: Hand Wash
  • Cocoon began with nothing more than a curved line as an idea for a vase. Now these beautiful lines have also been transferred to bowls, votives and a wine glass range that tell their own story of glowing molten glass and good craftsmanship.
    Peter SvarrerWhen Peter Svarrer and Holmegaard began collaborating in 1997, it was the start of a fruitful, productive partnership that continues to develop, resulting in new shapes and colors. "When Iím working on producing new designs in glass, I always keep in mind the nature of glass itself, because it suits my mostly organic styling so well. Glass is particularly good at conveying that. What I have in mind might be quite simple, such as for the Cocoon wineglass range, where I wanted to give a sensual experience as you touch the stalk of the glass, and thatís why it has an organic shape."

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