Perfection Decanter and Holder Set
Perfection Decanter and Holder Set
Holmegaard Perfection Decanter and Holder Set
Item #: HG4802319x4802320
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  • Brand: Holmegaard|Denmark
  • Item #: HG4802319x4802320
  • Availability: Usually ships the next business day
  • Dimensions: DECANTER: H: 10.5" (27 cm), HOLDER: H 8" (20cm)
  • Capacity: 25 oz
  • Material: DECANTER: Glass, HOLDER: Metal with Silicone Coating
  • Care: Dishwasher-safe at temperatures of up to 130°F.
  • Country: Denmark
  • Decanting of wine into a carafe unfolds the full potential of the wine, but also elevates a young everyday wine to a more interesting taste experience. Tom Nybroe has created Perfection to focus on the most practical and gentle treatment of the wine. When you pour the wine along the narrow neck of the carafe, the wine is flung around by the centrifugal force and is deposited in a millimetre-thin layer on the inside of the carafe for efficient oxidisation. A great gift idea—and simply a must for a wine tasting evening.

    Holmegaard has been at the cutting edge of glass production for more than 190 years. Started by Countess Henriette Danneskiold-Samsøe, Holmegaard now employs some of the best artists in Scandinavia with collections that include stemware and candleware by such brilliant and creative designers as Peter Svarrer, Ole Palsby, Maria Berntsen and a host of other talented designers.
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