Alvar Aalto Vase 7", Clear
Alvar Aalto Vase 7", ClearAlvar Aalto Vase 7", Clear
Alvar Aalto Vase 7", Clear
Designed by Alvar Aalto
Item #: IT-1066190-FJ
Iittala | Finland
Mouth-blown Glass
Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days.
  • Designer: Alvar Aalto
  • Brand: Iittala / Arabia | Finland
  • Item #: IT-1066190-FJ
  • Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days.
  • Dimensions: 3" x 7"
  • Material: Mouth-blown Glass
  • Care: Wash by Hand Only
  • Country: Finland
  • Alvar Aalto shook the concept of design with his Aalto collection at the 1937 Paris World's Fair. Over the decades, objects designed by Aalto have become classics of Nordic design. Each Aalto vase is made individually by mouth blowing in a multi-stage production process at the Iittala glass factory in Finland.

    The 180mm vase is based on Aalto's original sketches from the 1930s. In terms of its size, the vase is smaller than its predecessor, which makes it perfect for a single flower or a small seasonal bouquet. The bright color gives room for the flowers' own color brilliance, which makes it a suitable gift for every home.
    Alvar AaltoAlvar Aalto was born on February 3 1898 and is a recognized master of modern architecture and design. Born in Kuortane, Finland, Aalto began to make his distinct mark in design shortly after receiving his architectural degree from Helsinki Polytechnic in 1921. In 1924, Aalto married fellow architect Aino Marsio, creating a lifelong partnership that built an international design legacy. During his remarkable career, Aalto designed major public institutions including concert halls, museums, universities, libraries as well as private homes throughout the world. Aalto's furniture and houseware designs derived organically from his architectural work.

    Aalto's unique aesthetic helped to define Finnish design as well as introduce it to a global audience. Aalto hallmarks include a harmonious relationship with nature, functionalism combined with beauty, excellent attention to details and an ingenious use of materials. Aalto's designs were already being exhibited internationally as early as the 1930s, including at New York's Museum of Modern Art. When Aalto premiered his "Savoy Vase" at the 1930 New York World’s Fair, it instantly caused a sensation with its dynamic wavy design that was as alive and fluid as the Finnish lakes that inspired it. The legendary vase is one of the world's most famous glass objects and remains a timeless staple for Iittala.

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    Iittala | FinlandIittala | FinlandIittala | Finland

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