Iittala Teema Dinnerware - 6 Colors - Kaj Franck - Design Year 1952

Constant Simplicity.

Creating the perfect tableware starts with the hand that has to hold it, and an understanding of what that hand would prefer to hold. During a decade of design brilliance in the 1950's, Kaj Franck created the Kartio, Teema and Purnukka ranges featuring dinnerware, glasses, carafes, bowls and jars.

Attempts have been made to copy Franck's creative genius by applying his rational geometry to new designs. These attempts have fallen short, because they haven't taken into account the living spirit and wisdom that are required to understand the underlying complexity of simple things. He understood that good design is not just what it looks and feel like but is also how it works.

Iittala Teema dinnerware was designed by Kaj Franck for Iittala as part of the Teema collection and is both functional and refined, the perfect tableware for every day use. Dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer-safe, Iittala Teema is ideal for preparing meals and its timeless beauty translate straight to the dining table. Available in six beautiful colors, Iittala Teema serves every need, offering beautiful, practical simplicity at its best.
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