Midsommarblomster Table Runner (only 1 in store now)
Midsommarblomster Tea Towel
Mikaela Dorfel
Mikkel Wool Blanket - 4 Colors
Mindum Shoe Horn, Steel
Mine Bowl (Small), Black
Mine Bowl (Small), Blue
Mine Tumbler (Large), Blue - SOLD OUT
Minelight Votive
Minelight Votive
Mingus Martini Pitcher
MIni Danish Skittle Drums, Set of 2
Mini Monkey by Kay Bojesen
Mini Pig in a Christmas Tin Drum
Mini Princess Sofia
Mini Rabbit Boy - 10in 8 Left
Mini Rabbit Girl - 10in
Mini Rabbit Marcus 1 Left
Mini Table - SOLD OUT
Mirage Vase Blue Green, Medium
Mirage Vase Grey Red, Small
Mirage Vase, Medium - Blue/Amber
Mirage Vase, Medium - Grey/Red
Mirage Vase, Small - Blue/Amber
Mirage Vase, Small - Green/Blue
Mirror/Cover for Concrete Bowl
Mitra - Georg Jensen
Mitra 5-Piece Steel Cutlery Set
Mitra Child's Fork
Mitra Child's Teaspoon (Large)
Mitra Dessert Spoon
Mitra Dinner Fork
Mitra Dinner Spoon
Mitra Fruit/Child's Knife
Mitra Large Dinner Fork
Mitra Large Dinner Knife
Mitra Long-Handled Serrated Dinner Knife
Mitra Pastry Fork
Mitra Sauce Ladle
Mitra Serving Set
Mitra Serving Spoon (Small)
Mitra Starters/Lunch Fork
Mitra Starters/Lunch Knife
Mitra Teaspoon (Small)
Mitt I Natten Baby Blanket, 18 x 26 inches
Mitt I Natten Baby Blanket, 28 x 42 inches
Mitt Sverige Tea Towel, Small
Mixed Hearts Felted Wool Ornaments, Set of 4 (20 Left)

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