Metropol Champagne, Set of 2
Metropol Decanter
Metropol Red Wine, Set of 2
Metropol Tumbler, Set of 2
Metropol White Wine, Set of 2
Mette Galatius
MG501 Cuba Chair, Black Oak, Black Webbing
MG501 Cuba Chair, Oak Soap, Black Webbing
MG501 Cuba Chair, Oak Soap, Natural Webbing
MG501 Cuba Chair, Oak Soap, White Webbing
Michael Bang
Michael Young
Michala Stigkjær & Ole Flensted
Micro Rabbit with Blue Cardigan
Micro Rabbit with Vest
Micro Rabbits, Boy & Girl, Set of 2
Midsommarblomster Napkin
Midsommarblomster Table Runner (only 1 in store now)
Midsommarblomster Tea Towel
Mikaela Dorfel
Mikkel Wool Blanket - 4 Colors
Mindum Shoe Horn, Steel
Mine Bowl (Small), Black
Mine Bowl (Small), Blue
Mine Tumbler (Large), Blue - SOLD OUT
Minelight Votive
Minelight Votive
Mingus Martini Pitcher
MIni Danish Skittle Drums, Set of 2
Mini Monkey by Kay Bojesen
Mini Pig in a Christmas Tin Drum
Mini Princess Sofia
Mini Rabbit Boy - 10in 8 Left
Mini Rabbit Girl - 10in
Mini Rabbit Marcus 1 Left
Mini Table - SOLD OUT
Mirage Vase Blue Green, Medium
Mirage Vase Grey Red, Small
Mirage Vase, Medium - Blue/Amber
Mirage Vase, Medium - Grey/Red
Mirage Vase, Small - Blue/Amber
Mirage Vase, Small - Green/Blue
Mirror/Cover for Concrete Bowl
Mitra - Georg Jensen
Mitra 5-Piece Steel Cutlery Set
Mitra Child's Fork
Mitra Child's Teaspoon (Large)
Mitra Dessert Spoon

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