Swedish Glass Art / Sculptures
Swedish Glassworks—The Orrefors / Kosta Boda Story
Swedish Green Winter Bird Dish Cloth - 2 Pack
Swedish Hearts Ornament - set of 2, purple or red
Swedish Jul Nissen Dish Cloth - 2 Pack SOLD OUT
Swedish Kanaljus 8" Candles - Box of 9 - Made in Sweden
Swedish Kanalljus Stearin Candles 8" - Pack of 36 - Sweden
Swedish Kitchen Table Linens, Aprons & Trays
Swedish Ornaments, Set of 4 NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Swedish Pancake Plett Pan - Cast Iron with Wooden Handle
Swedish Pancakes Plett Pan - Cast Iron
Swedish Shore Birds Textile & Gift Collection
Swedish Sponge / Dishcloths - Sets of 2
Swedish Sponge/Dishcloths, Sets of 2
Swedish Tomte Girl with Dala Horse SOLD OUT
Swedish Tomte on Skis - Made in Sweden
Swedish Tomte with Heart- Made in Sweden Only 7 left
Swedish Tomte with Moose
Swedish Varmeljus Pure Stearin Tealights - 90 Pack
Swedish Wooden Christmas Nativity Set - 12 Pieces - Made in Sweden
Swedish Wooden Heart Ornaments - SOLD OUT
Swedish Wooden Santa Ornament Set
Swedish Wooden Tomte Ornaments, Set of 2 (1 Left)
Swedish Wool Blankets
Swedish Wool Throws
Sweeper & Funnel, Black
Sweeper & Funnel, White
Sweethearts Tea Towel, Small
Swerve DOF, Set of 2
Swerve Tumbler, Set of 2
Swinging Leaves Table Runner, 14 x 47 inches
Swinging Leaves Tea Towel, 14 x 20 inches
Synnes Chair, Black Ash
Synnes Chair, Black Ash, Black Leather
Synnes Chair, Natural Oak
Synnes Chair, Natural Oak, Carbon Grey Leather
Table Brush, Horsehair
Table Runners
Table Runners - Ekelund Weavers Sweden
Tablecloths & Squares
Taika Coffee Saucer Red 6.25"
Taika Coffee/cappuccino cup and saucer (6.75 oz), black
Taika Coffee/cappuccino cup and saucer (6.75 oz), blue
Taika Coffee/cappuccino cup and saucer (6.75 oz), white
Taika Coupe Bowl 8", Black

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