24H Cereal Bowl 6.5" White
24H Cup 8.75oz White
24H Dinner Plate 10.5" Tuokio
24H Dinner Plate 10.5" White
24H Mug 12oz Tuokio
24H Mug 12oz White
24H Pasta Bowl 9.5" Tuokio
24H Pasta Bowl 9.5" White
24H Salad Plate 8" Tuokio
24H Salad Plate 8" White
24H Saucer 6.7" White
24H Serving Bowl 3QT. White
24H Soup Bowl 7" Tuokio
24H Soup Bowl 7" White
3 Metal Soldier Ornaments in a Matchbox
5 Paper Easter Ornaments
5-Armed Candleholder, silver-plated
5-Light Swedish Candelabra-White, Red or Natural
6 Classic Red Metal Ornaments in Box
6 Gold / White Metal Ornaments in Box
7 Blommor Tea Towel, Large
7 Blommor Tea Towel, Small
7-Light Swedish Candelabra - White or Natural
91 Ways to Serve Lefse by Mr. Lefse, Merlin Hoiness
A little Background on the Scandinavian Julenisse and Christmas Pixie
Aalto Bowl 14
Aalto Bowl 20
Aalto Finlandia Vase 10" Ultramarine Blue
Aalto Finlandia Vase 10", White
Aalto Finlandia Vase 10, Emerald
Aalto Finlandia Vase 7.75" Rain
Aalto Finlandia Vase 9.75" Rain
Aalto Finlandia Vase, Dark Grey Large
Aalto Finlandia Vase, Dark Grey Small
Aalto Flower 4 Piece Set
Aalto Vase 10" Rain
Aalto Vase 10.25, Emerald
Aalto Vase 4.75" Salmon Pink
Aalto Vase 4.75" Rain
Aalto Vase 4.75, Emerald
Aalto Vase 6.25" Salmon Pink
Aalto Vase 6.25" Ultramarine Blue
Aalto Vase 6.25", Light Blue
Aalto Vase 6.25" Rain
Aalto Vase 6.25, Emerald
Aalto Vase Set of 2, Clear - 3.75" & 6.25"
Aalto Vase, Dark Grey Large
Aalto Vase, Dark Grey Medium
Aalto Vase, Dark Grey Small

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