Butter Knife, White
Butterfly Dishcloth, Set of 2
C&C Cafe au lait Spoon (7" - 18 cm)
C&C Espresso Spoon (3.9" - 10 cm)
Cactus 2-Tines Meat Fork
Cactus 3-Piece Silver Cutlery Set
Cactus 5-Piece Silver Cutlery Set
Cactus Butter Knife
Cactus Cake Knife
Cactus Child's Fork
Cactus Child's Pusher
Cactus Child's Teaspoon (Large)
Cactus Coffee Spoon
Cactus Cold Cut Fork
Cactus Curved Baby Spoon
Cactus Dessert Spoon
Cactus Dinner Fork
Cactus Dinner Fork (Large)
Cactus Dinner Knife (Large)
Cactus Dinner Spoon
Cactus Fish Fork
Cactus Fish Knife
Cactus Fruit Knife
Cactus Gravy Ladle
Cactus Letter Opener
Cactus Long-Handled Dinner Knife
Cactus Long-Handled Luncheon Knife
Cactus Long-Handled Serrated Dinner Knife
Cactus Luncheon Fork
Cactus Napkin Ring
Cactus Pastry Fork
Cactus Pastry Server (Small)
Cactus Salad Fork
Cactus Salad Fork with Steel
Cactus Salad Spoon with Steel
Cactus Serving Fork (Small)
Cactus Serving Spoon (Small)
Cactus Short-Handled Dinner Knife
Cactus Short-Handled Luncheon Knife
Cactus Teaspoon (Small)
Café Take Away (8.5 oz), Blue Leaf - Sold Out
Cafe Napkin Holder, Black
Cafu Candleholder Set of 2, 3"
Cafu Tealight, Gold Plated - 2.3"
Cafu Tealight, Set of 2 - 2.3"
Cafu Vase, Glass - 12"
Cafu Vase, Glass - 6"
Cafu Vase, Glass - 8.5"
Cafu Vase, Gold Plated - 6"
Cafu Vase, Mirror - 6"

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