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Iris Hantverk - Swedish Bathroom, Sauna & Personal Care

Iris Hantverk - Swedish Bathroom, Sauna & Personal Care


The tradition of saunas and cold baths runs deep in Nordic bathing culture, with the first wooden saunas developed sometime around the fifth century. The original Swedish bathing house was founded in 1269, there, the women of the saunas used birch twigs to whip visitors skin into tingling, pink freshness. But by 1725, bath houses had fallen into disrepute and were closed down. They remained so until 1820, when they were reopened, their respectability restored.

At the heart of Nordic bathing is the combination of extreme temperatures. Exchanging the cleansing heat of a sauna for the refreshing plunge of a cold bath has many benefits, releasing muscular tension, eliminating toxins and improving circulation.
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