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Iris Hantverk Double-Sided Nail Brush
Iris Hantverk Double-Sided Nail Brush
Item #: IR1022-00
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  • Brand: Iris Hantverk
  • Item #: IR1022-00
  • Availability: 24 Hours
  • Dimensions: W: 1.5 IN (3.8 CM) x L: 4.5 IN (11.5 CM)
  • Material: Made of ash wood and tampico fiber.
  • Country: Made in Sweden

  • Traditional Craftsmanship
    At Iris Hantverk, people with visual impairments have been making brushes using the time-honored techniques of traditional Swedish craftsmanship for more than a hundred years. We still draw every brush by hand and use natural materials almost exclusively. Backs and handles are made of birch, oak or beech. The bristles are made of various materials such as horsehair, goat hair Tampico fiber (from plants unique to the semi-desert areas of northern Mexico) and piassava (bass) fiber, depending on their use.

    Functional Design
    Our designs have emerged gradually through the years. The brushes feel good in the hand and naturally give a steady grip, whether you are scrubbing new potatoes or cleaning a mixing bowl sticky with bread dough. We also think it is important that the brushes are pleasing to the eye. Utensils that are used every day should add a bit of simple pleasure in the kitchen and by the sink.

    Simple Pleasure
    If you care for your brushes well, they will age beautifully. They are easy to clean with dishwashing liquid and warm water. Hang them or stand them on the bristles to dry to keep the wood from splitting. Oil as needed with mineral oil.
    Iris HantverkIris HantverkIris Hantverk

    Iris Hantverk, of Sweden, is a part of the Iris Group owned by Synskadades Stiftelse and has close ties with the the visually impaired. Within the group, business benefits are combined with benefits to society. The production facility employs visually impaired craftsmen from a range of cultures. All work is carried out manually with stringent quality requirements. Today, visually impaired craftsmen attach each individual bundle of bristles to the base of the brush with their steady hands, just like they used to in the 19th century. The result? Beautiful, functional and much coveted brushes which make everyday life a little brighter.
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