Polka Brushed Lambs Wool Throw, Red ( 1 Left)

Klippan Polka Brushed Lambs Wool Throw, Red ( 1 Left)

List Price: $120.00
Sale Price: $49.99

  • Brand: Klippan
  • Item #: KL2018-03
  • Availability: Usually ships within 7-10 business days
  • Dimensions: 51 x 78.7 inches (130 x 200 cm)
  • Material: 100% Brushed Lambs Wool
  • Care: Wool has excellent natural dirt resistant properties which makes it unnecessary to wash often. The wool cleans its self and it is repellent to dirt as the dirt stays on the surface due to the natural oils in the wool. A tip is to "let it air" outside when the air is moist. If despite this you still need to wash the blanket/throw please follow the instructions below:

    Dry cleaning only. Iron on medium temp. Do not tumble dry or use bleach.
  • Country: Made in EU
  • Celebrating Nature: It feels more right than ever to turn to nature for inspiration in our assortment of Klippan Blankets & Throws. Klippan blankets & throws use natural raw materials that have fantastic benefits not found in synthetic fibers, which is why they choose to offer only wool, cotton and linen in these goods. This makes it possible to ensure the high quality of the blankets and throws and at the same time be environmental friendly. This approach is not new to their Scandinavian textile mills, as many have been in the wool industry since the 1800's.

    All of Klippan's blankets & throws are produced from start to finish in company owned mills with an eye towards ecological balance. The designers have created patterns that offer a straight and simple look with a modern touch or more traditional designs with connections to nature and Scandinavian wild life. Whether curling up in front of the television, reading a book or visiting on a porch or patio in the cool of the evening, Klippan blankets & throws will make it a cozy experience.
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    Since 1879

    More than 130 years ago, Jons Petter Magnusson bought the small wool spinning mill in Klippan. It was the start of a long journey which has lasted five generations.

    With his background working as a spin master in Landskrona, Jons Petter saw an opportunity to build on his experience and start his own business. When he found the spinning mill in Klippan, he took the opportunity and bought it.

    After a modest start, the company finally took-off and grew considerably for many years. In the 1980's, the business flourished and the factory became one of the largest and most modern spinning mills in Europe. When demand for wool yarn then decreased the idea to start producing blankets and throws was born. This turned out to be a very successful plan that lasts to this day.

    The art of weaving blankets and throws is not new, but it is a production process that involves many steps and high precision. Klippan Mill has had the luxury of refining processes and quality over a long history. FJØRN Scandinavian is proud to offer the full range of home textiles from Klippan made in their own ISO certified European factory from start to finnish. The careful production and control of each article from start to finish assures that these luxurious blankets and throws are some of the best in the world.

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