Tulip Oven Glove & Pot Holder Set
Tulip Oven Glove & Pot Holder Set
Klippan Tulip Oven Glove & Pot Holder Set
Designed by Lotta Glave
Item #: KL5331XXK
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  • Designer: Lotta Glave
  • Item #: KL5331XXK
  • Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days
  • Dimensions: One Size Fits All
  • Material: Half Linen
  • Care: Machine wash 104° F (40° C) Wash with similar colors. Iron on high heat. Do not tumble dry or use bleach.
  • Country: Europe
  • Refresh your look in the kitchen with a new oven glove and pot holder set. The set utilizes classic Scandinavian textiles created by top Swedish designers. The vibrant designs are notable for their simplicity and taste. Matching apron and tea towel set available for most oven set designs. These sets make a nice Scandinavian gift!
    Lotta GlaveLotta Glave is an illustrator and designer. She constantly develops her way of expressing herself and her starting point is humour and joy. Lotta's aim is to create designs, which are personal. Glave, who stems from Malmö believes a lot of her inspiration comes from her Austrian grandmother who worked as an illustrator and bookbinder. Their home was always filled with fun, homemade creations like fantastic doll’s houses made out of lacquered paper! I love stuff that is fun, different and makes you happy, says Lotta who got drawn into the family business when Bengt asked her to draw an angel. Like Bengt’s animals, Lotta’s angel has spread from candleholders and Christmas tree decorations to necklaces and fabrics. Nowadays, Lotta designs most of the patterns; designs that are appreciated all over the world, not least in Japan and the U.K.

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