Louis Poulsen Collage 600, Blue/Grey Matte

Collage 600 was designed by Louise Campbell in 2005. Collage was displayed for the first time at an exhibition at the Copenhagen Furniture Fair in 2004, along with Campbell 275 and 14 other experimental light prototypes presenting new ways of interpreting light. Louise Campbell has always been very preoccupied with daylight in her work with lighting. Her aim with Collage Pendant was therefore to imitate daylight. As Campbell expresses it: The most obvious contrast between daylight and artificial light is that nature only has one light source, and you never look directly into it. Our perception of light is based on countless natural layers which filter and reflect the light. These observations have been integrated into Collage. The number of layers within the Collage 600 has been increased to allow the pattern, light and shadows to more closely replicate the uncontrollable light seen in nature.
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