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Patera, 23.6"
Patera, 23.6"Patera, 23.6"Patera, 23.6"
Louis Poulsen Patera, 23.6"
Item #: LP5741915417
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  • Item #: LP5741915417
  • Availability: Usually ships within 2-3 business days
  • Dimensions: D: 23.6", H: 22.7"
  • Material:
      1/100W/A-19/IF MEDIUM
    • VOLTAGE: 120V
    • SHADE: Matte PVC Sheet
    • FRAME: Polycarbonate Inserts with White Painted Steel Rods
    • INCANDESCENT SOCKET SUPPORT: Brass Rod with Matte Chrome Finish
      Cord Type: 2-conductor, 18 AWG White PVC Power Cord
      Cord Length: 12'
  • Care: Surface Wash Only
  • Country: Denmark
  • Øivind Slaatto is fascinated by nature, and this is where he finds his inspiration. Particularly, he is fond of the Fibonacci sequence and other basic mathematical principles—like seen in the sunflower, cauliflower, seashells and the snail. The Fibonacci sequence was also his inspiration for Patera. "My ultimate goal was to create a three-dimensional Sudoku. It was an extremely mathematical assignment. In fact, it's the most complex light I have ever made ... I think it has a certain poetry about it, and my aim was to construct a modern crystal chandelier. I hope people will feel inspired to move around it. I hope it generates life." (Øivind Slaatto)
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