Mats Jonasson Målerås

Målerås old glassworks was founded in 1890. This was the time when industrialism had seriously established itself in Sweden. In the village Målerås solidarity and the spirit of new enterprise had an ordeal during the 1980s, when the glassworks was threatened by Óoutside capitalÓ take-over as well as by closing-down. Therefore some sensible people gathered around the fatal question concerning the continuous destiny of Målerås and decided to concentrate united efforts to reassure the future of the village. The engraving artist Mats Jonasson became one of the leading people within this process.

Since 1981 he has been gathering capable people around him. This concentration has yielded results beyond expectation and inscribed the works in the Swedish glass history as one of the most successful. The production of glass reliefs that has become the characteristic of the works has turned out into a profitable business. Since 1981 the number of employees has increased from 15 to 50.
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