Menu Pipe Candleholder (Horizontal), Set of 2
Menu Pipe Candleholder (Horizontal), Set of 2
Menu Pipe Candleholder (Horizontal), Set of 2
Designed by Pernille Vea
Item #: MN4745219
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  • Designer: Pernille Vea
  • Brand: Menu A/S / Denmark
  • Item #: MN4745219
  • Availability: Usually ships within 2 - 3 days
  • Dimensions:
    2" x 4" x 7"
  • Weight: 2 lb
  • Material:
    Cast Iron
  • Menu steps back in time to bring forward the new and playful Pipe Candleholder. Inspired by the Vikings, crafted in cast iron, and designed to be hammered into any type of wood for creative candlelight settings.

    Menuís Pipe Candleholder brings together a unique mix of Scandinavian simplicity and raw Viking power. It is a re-make of a thousand year old Viking invention, designed to be hammered into any kind of wood.

    Decorative in a tree in the garden, stylish in a piece of old wood on the kitchen table, romantic in a picnic setting on the beach, or truly cool in an indoor tableaux in the living room.

    Pipe Candleholder has that exact functional simplicity but also a playful attitude that dares you to be imaginative and create your own setting. It gives a very unique and powerful expression. Very arresting and surprising.

    Pipe Candleholder comes in three different variations for both indoor and outdoor use and for long candles and tea light candles. It is made of cast iron and heat-resistant glass protecting the candlelight from wind and rain.

    Pipe Candleholder is a raw concept with very few boundaries for creative mind!
    Pernille Vea"I have moved from very geometric design to more asymmetrical shapes, inspired by nature. For example, by recreating the shape of a stone that has been worn by the movement of the waves. Previously, it was largely about designing things from the kitchen and the dining table for taking out into the garden. Now the trend has reversed: We are importing shapes from the great outdoors into the garden."

    Many of the best-known and most popular products in Menuís range come from Pernille Veaís design universe. Pernille, and not least her designs, have won countless prizes and prestigious awards all over the world.

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    Menu A/S / DenmarkMenu A/S / DenmarkMenu A/S / Denmark

    FJØRN Scandinavian is pleased to offer accessories and tableware from Menu of Denmark. These Scandinavian originals are designed for the realms of Home Life, Dining and Outdoor Living. The Menu team is on a continuous search for beautiful and new Scandinavian design with true originality. Menu presents aesthetic and practical surprises that make customers happy to look at, touch and use. Design surprises that make us say: How come no one has thought of that before?
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