Unique White Wine
Unique White Wine
Designed by Anna Ehrner
Item #: OK6312316
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  • Designer: Anna Ehrner
  • Brand: Orrefors Kosta Boda | Sweden
  • Item #: OK6312316
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  • Dimensions:
    H: 8.25" x Ø: 3.25"
  • Material:
    Mouth-Blown Crystal Glass
  • Care:
    Hand Wash
  • Anna Ehrner designs her first collection for Orrefors with a suite of stemware.

    "When I set the table for a dinner party with good food and drinks I want the glasses to be special, to feel Unique. They should be perfect to drink from, but also carry a strong identity; it should not just be any random glass...The cup is held by a stem that I think expresses purity, strength and elegance with a design expression that works in most settings—from the minimalistic table setting to the more decorative one. I have worked with a strict shape that should float between the cup and the foot. It should lure you into getting engaged in the glass, you want to turn it to see how the light plays, you feel how it feels in your hand, and then you lift it to your mouth and experience the balance of the glass. A table set with the Unique glasses feels exclusive, but yet harmonized, since the sizes of the glasses go so well together." -Anna Ehrner
    Anna Ehrner"For me, creativity takes place in the blowing room. This is where glass is conceived, where it is fashioned and comes alive. I want to work with glass, not against it. In my designs, I try to follow along with the melt, with the sheer power of the glass, although I try at the same time to identify the simple and the subtle."

    An experimental and minimalistic stylist, Anna Ehrner’s work is distinguished by simple yet powerful shapes and an ability to achieve colourful displays using colour in subtle ways. Veils of colour inside the glass have become something of Anna Ehrner’s trademark, as have the lofty different coloured stalks that are characteristic of her art glass. She is also the originator of best-selling collections such as our Line glasses and the Contrast series of bowls.

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    Orrefors Kosta Boda | SwedenOrrefors Kosta Boda | SwedenOrrefors Kosta Boda | Sweden

    Orrefors / Kosta Boda—With its four glassworks, Orrefors Kosta Boda is Scandinavia's largest glassworks group. The heart of the business is the Kingdom of Crystal in the province of Småland, which attracts a million visitors annually. Kosta is Sweden's oldest glassworks. Founded in 1742, Kosta is often referred to as the mother of the Kingdom of Crystal, since many of the neighboring glassworks were founded by former Kosta masters. Orrefors Kosta Boda AB consists of the following glassworks: Orrefors, Kosta, Boda and Afors. Around the world Orrefors is associated with unique glass articles, art glass, and custom glass that all add beauty to our everyday life. Together with its skillful designers, Orrefors presents a new collection of glass every spring and autumn. One of the world's most celebrated makers of beautiful crystal is named for a beautiful place—Orrefors is a waterfall that tumbles into Lake Orrenas in the Kingdom of Glass—the Småland region where Sweden's glass-making industry has thrived for over 250 years.

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