Original Swedish Angel Chimes in Silver Finish
Original Swedish Angel Chimes in Silver Finish
Original Swedish Angel Chimes in Silver Finish
Item #: EAN5688154478033
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  • Item #: EAN5688154478033
  • Dimensions: 12" High, 5" Round
  • Weight: 6 Ounces
  • Material: Silver Plated Steel
  • Gift Box: Original Swedish Angel Chime Photo Giftbox
  • Country: Original Swedish Design Manufactured in Turkey
  • Over fifty years ago, the mystical Swedish Angel Chimes were introduced to America. Since then, the sweet bells of the Swedish Angels have chimed throughout thousands of American homes and millions around the world. The Original Swedish Angel Chimes have become a Christmas classic that the whole family will enjoy. As the candles burn, the heat rises and spins the angels which ring the Christmas Bells.
    • Finished in Brass or Silver Colored Brass Plated Steel
    • Box Includes Assembly Instructions plus Four Chime Candles
    • Since 2009, Original Swedish Angel Chimes are manufactured in Turkey using the Anderson & Boberg Swedish Angel Chimes factory equipment.
    • Angel Cherub Playing the Horn
    • Decorative Turbine at Top
    • Three angel cherubs playing horns each with a steel chime that rings the bell.
    • Includes patented glass-bearing-pin, reducing the friction to spin the turbine freely and allowing the angels to ring the bells smoothly and continuously.

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