Pia Langelund

Pia Langelund (b. 1960) graduated from the Kolding College of Danish Art and Design in 1990 after studying ceramic design for 4 years.

Royal Copenhagen became aware of her great talent as a sculptor in bronze, earthenware, iron and granite as early as her leaving college. She was taken on by the porcelain factory in 1991 and was responsible for many beautiful creations over the next decade, while experimenting with the potential of modelling and, in particular, materials. Pia Langelund now works for Royal Copenhagen on a freelance basis.

For Pia Langelund the driving force is the sculptural challenge itself, and one of the recurring themes in her work is the strength and movement of the body in both animals and humans.

The fascination of animals and the close attention to muscles, movements and attitudes bring Pia Langelund's animal sculptures to life in a very special way.

This is also true for her series of primates, which is at the same time the artist's homage to the world's animal kingdom, which she holds in the deepest respect.
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