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Bird (Large), Natural by Kristian Vedel

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Whether you are feeling excited, angry or melancholic, the BIRD family is there to experience it with you. The children, parents and the grandparents all poses the capability to transform their moods like any human being - just turn their heads, point up their beaks or reverse their body shape and a whole new mood is created.

And how about changing the family dynamic all together? No problem for the BIRDs, their bodies can be turned upside down depending on whether you want to create a female or a male. This opens up vast possibilities of combinations of the BIRDs. One day it can be a girl and a boy happily huddling together, and the next two girls curiously chatting away.

There are no borders to the expressions of the BIRDs and whatever you are experiencing, they want to experience it with you. Happiest when in groups of other BIRDS, they are vigilant companions to your everyday life.

So, How are YOU feeling today?
  • Brand:ArchitectMade of Denmark
  • Country: Denmark
  • SKU: AM-415-FJ-OH
  • Material: Handmade in Oak Wood
  • Care:Wood is a living material. This means that over time, if the material is exposed to sunlight or high humidity, for example, the color may change slightly as the wood moisture content changes. We recommend wipe with a clean dry cloth and keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Designer:Kristian Vedel
  • Dimensions:H: 4.5"
Kristian Vedel
Kristian Solmer Vedel (1923 â?? 2003) graduated from the Danish School of Arts and Crafts and Industrial Design and continued to lecture at the same institution. After having been professor at University of Nairobi 1968-72 he returned to Denmark and became part of the Scandinavian Design movement.

Influenced by Kaare Klint and the German Bauhaus school, his classically modern designs are characterized by a creative use of materials, especially plastics and wood, and with a strong sense for ergonomic and functional requirements. A typical example is his children's furniture, which could be adapted to a growing child and turned over to be used as a toy. In all respects, the furniture was designed for children according to their particular needs, rather than just being a miniature version of adult furniture.

In an interview, Kristian Vedel stated his position as follows: The starting point for an architect's work must always be that he, from his own point of view, and as objectively as possible, takes a position with regard to what he perceives as the needs of society and his fellow man; he must personally take a stand with regards to existing possibilities and responsibilities.

Among many other awards, Kristian Vedel received the silver medal at La Triennale di Milano for children's furniture (1957), a gold medal at La Triennale di Milano for his line of stackable melamine dishes and containers and the Lunning Prize (1962).
ArchitectMade of Denmark
Architectmade is a theology of precise and beautiful things. Architectmade collaborates with some of Denmarkâ?™s leading architects, families and estates that are willing to share drawings and rare design objects that were created along the way to design mastery.

These are beautiful hand made Architecture made design objects that you'll never tire of looking at. With excellent craftsmanship and high-level quality control, these things are made to stand the test of time, just as when they were first designed. Bring joy and smiles by giving and sharing these important Danish Design objects that can will stand the fads and tests of time and tastes.

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