Holmegaard Cabernet Lines Burgundy Glass, Clear - Set of Six, 23.3 oz.

Holmegaard | Denmark NEW ARRIVAL
SKU: HG-4303410x3-FJ
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Peter Svarrer's Cabernet Lines range has been designed to give you the perfect wine experience. The large surface of the red wine glass releases the bouquet of the wine while the tapered top gathers it again to ensure that you catch all the flavors and aromas of the wine.

When a young red wine oxidizes over a large surface, the wine is opened and softened which significantly improves your experience.

Cabernet Lines adds an engraved decoration to Holmegaard's famous Cabernet series. The lines follow the glass curvy shape and rotate around the glass as they go upwards, playing with optics while overlapping each other. They create a very elegant and subtle pattern, adding an extra dimension to your wine experience.

In the Cabernet Lines series you will find glasses for different types of wines as well as glasses for champagne and water. The Burgundy red wine glasses are presented in a box of two and are an ideal gift – for someone else or for yourself!

Note that the volume is 23.3 oz.

  • Brand:Holmegaard of Denmark
  • Care:Dishwasher Safe, Maximum 130°F
  • SKU: HG-4303410x3-FJ
  • Material: Fine Glass
  • Designer:Peter Svarrer
  • Dimensions:H: 9.6"
Peter Svarrer
When Peter Svarrer and Holmegaard began collaborating in 1997, it was the start of a fruitful, productive partnership that continues to develop, resulting in new shapes and colors. "When Iâ?™m working on producing new designs in glass, I always keep in mind the nature of glass itself, because it suits my mostly organic styling so well. Glass is particularly good at conveying that. What I have in mind might be quite simple, such as for the Cocoon wineglass range, where I wanted to give a sensual experience as you touch the stalk of the glass, and thatâ?™s why it has an organic shape."
Holmegaard of Denmark

Holmegaard has been at the cutting edge of glass production for more than 190 years. Started by Countess Henriette Danneskiold-Samsøe, Holmegaard now employs some of the best artists in Scandinavia with collections that include stemware and candleware by such brilliant and creative designers as Peter Svarrer, Ole Palsby, Maria Berntsen and a host of other talented designers.

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