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Saeed Salem – Neonland I (2012)

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Louisiana poster with the work, Neonland I (2012), by the Yemeni artist, Saedd Salem (b. 1984), published in connection with the exhibition, The Arab Now, at Louisiana in 2014.

The exhibition, Det Arabiske Nu, was the second chapter in the series "Architecture, Culture and Identity"—and a sequel to the exhibition New Nordic, which Louisiana showed in 2012. The series is about how architecture is a carrier of identity and helps to create a cultural characteristics of a country or a region. The exhibition is a crossover exhibition that shows both architecture, art and documentary film.

The Arab world is first and foremost bound together by language, but there are other common features that both point to a special understanding of space and a visual culture that draws traces from calligraphy over simple building elements to architecture on a very large scale. A picture of 'the Arab' will emerge through different stories from places where the significant developments are taking place right now.

The Arab world consists of more than twenty countries that have the one common feature that they have Arabic as their main language. In other words, languages ​​other than Arabic are spoken, religions other than Islam are practiced, the landscape varies—and this also affects lifestyle and architecture. It is not possible to speak of Arab culture in the singular.

Framing in Denmark is available. Contact us for more details - 831-620-0123
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  • SKU: LA-106511-FJ
  • Material Printed on strong, matte paper.
    Framing in Denmark is available. Contact us for more details - 831-620-0123
  • Dimensions:33.1" x 23.4" (A1)

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