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Vilhelm Lundstrøm Opstilling (1934)

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Louisiana poster with the work, Opstilling (1934), by the Danish artist, Vilhelm Lundstr&oslash:m (1893-1950). Lundstrøm was one of the central figures in early Danish modernism and Louisiana has several of Lundstr&oslash:m's works in the museum's collection.

Inspired by French Cubism, Lundstrøm introduced collage in Danish art in 1917. He created a series of so-called pak-kasse pictures—assemblages—made with pieces of painted wood in geometrically abstract shapes.

In his subsequent painting, Lundstr&oslash:m sought new forms of expression. He turned to the great masters of art history and was inspired by El Greco's dreamlike visions and Paul Cezanne's figurative style. The result was his so-called "curled style", which can be seen, for example, in the work, Frokost i det gr&oslash:nne (1920), where he paraphrases Eduard Manet's well-known work of the same name.

Later, Lundstr&oslash:m cultivated a simpler, geometric idiom. Together with Svend Johansen, Axel Salto and Karl Larsen, he formed the artist group De Fire.

Lundstr&oslash:m worked all his life with still life and in his late compositions he lets clean, painted surfaces of color determine the form. He uses space-creating elements such as perspective lines, highlights and shadows. But the space becomes ambiguous because the elements are treated more as abstract forms with an intrinsic value than as illusionistic devices.

Lundstr&oslash:m's message to a confused, battered and incoherent time can be said to be overview, balance and openness.
  • Brand:louisiana-modern
  • Country: Printed in Denmark
  • SKU: LA-105393-FJ
  • Material: Printed on strong, matte paper.
  • Dimensions:33.1" x 23.4" (A1)

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