Filos Wool Blankets with Fringes
Designed by Runa Klock
Item #: RO-365
Norwegian Made - Free USA Delivery
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  • Designer: Runa Klock
  • Brand: Røros Tweed | Norway
  • Item #: RO-365
  • Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks.
  • Material: 100% Norwegian Wool
  • Care: Delicate Wash or Dry Clean Only
  • Country: Norway
  • The Røros blankets are made from 100% pure new Norwegian wool. All of the wool is selected from sheep grazing fresh Norwegian mountain pastures that ensures you soft, airy and comfortable blankets that are robust enough to remain beautifully functional for many years. The design and style of these blankets are inspired by the esthetic and cultural heritage of Norway and the fascinating mountain scenery. Wool is a completely natural product with unique properties, so the old saying—"There is no substitute for wool"—is most certainly true.
    Runa KlockRuna Klock holds a master's degree in design from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She has a playful and curious approach in her designs. Her work is often inspired by nature and the natural beauty of different materials and a graphic touch are typical elements for her design. Klocks' work is characterized by an openness to cooperate with people in various disciplines; her practice extends beyond product design to include food, exhibitions and entrepreneurship. Several of her projects have a strong social profile.

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    Røros Tweed | NorwayRøros Tweed | NorwayRøros Tweed | Norway

    Roros Tweed woolens are the result of centuries of tradition. Luxurious pure wool blankets and throws have a brushed surface with a buttery feel. Textile designers, inspired by traditional and modern themes, have created uniquely Scandinavian patterns, remarkable for their simplicity and sophistication. Perfectly sized for curling up, these beautifully crafted blankets and throws provide year-round comfort.
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