Arne Jacobsen Roman Wall Clock (8.3" Dia.)
Arne Jacobsen Roman Wall Clock (8.3" Dia.)Arne Jacobsen Roman Wall Clock (8.3" Dia.)Arne Jacobsen Roman Wall Clock (8.3" Dia.)Arne Jacobsen Roman Wall Clock (8.3" Dia.)
Arne Jacobsen Roman Wall Clock (8.3" Dia.)
Designed by Arne Jacobsen
Item #: RD-43632-FJ
Arne Jacobsen | Denmark
Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days
  • Designer: Arne Jacobsen
  • Item #: RD-43632-FJ
  • Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days
  • Dimensions:
    Ø: 8.3" (21 cm)
  • Material:
    Aluminium Case, Mineral Glass Lens
  • Gift Box: Comes in a Rosendahl-branded gift box.
  • Care:
    Care instructions included
  • After several years in exile in the hands of manufacturers abroad, a true design classic by Arne Jacobsen, the master architect, is now returning to Denmark. Rosendahl Timepieces has acquired the rights to recreate and manufacture the Banker’s Clock, which Arne Jacobsen originally created when designing the building for Danmarks Nationalbank in 1971.

    At the same time, the City Hall and Roman clocks will also be returning as Rosendahl Timepieces has also acquired the rights to these two models. Roman hails from 1942 and was designed for Aarhus City Hall, whereas City Hall is from 1956 and was designed for Rødovre City Hall.

    It was Arne Jacobsen’s custom to design the totality – everything from the building to its fixtures and fittings, furniture, etc.

    Thus, together, the three clocks represent an interesting cross-section of modernism in design as expressed by Arne Jacobsen over a period of 30 years.

    Recreating a Danish design treasure

    Rosendahl Timepieces nurtures Danish design classics, and guarantees that the three clocks will be recreated 100% in accordance with Arne Jacobsen’s original designs – except for the era and the patina, of course.

    Collaboration with the architect Teit Weylandt

    To ensure the clocks are recreated entirely in accordance with and true to the style and spirit of Arne Jacobsen, the Rosendahl Timepieces has initiated close collaboration with the architect and designer Teit Weylandt, who for many years directed product development at Arne Jacobsen’s studio and later at Dissing + Weitling. He holds the veto in close collaboration with Rosendahl Timepieces' product developer Magnus Jørgensen.

    “My willingness to enter into this project was solely conditional on the manufacturer going the distance. At any time throughout the process, I had the opportunity to say no, and I acted as guarantor to ensure the products match the original design as closely as at all possible,� Teit adds, continuing: “No stone was left unturned: the hands, the casing, the shape of the lens – we’ve gone over everything.�
    Arne JacobsenArne Jacobsen (1902—1971) is one of the most influential Danish architects and designers of the 20th century. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen, where he was also a professor of architecture for a long period.

    Arne Jacobsen put his modernist stamp on architecture and design for more than 50 years—not only in Denmark but also internationally. His output was enormous, originating in a philosophy of creating total concepts, where everything was thoroughly designed, with a common thread running through all his work—buildings, furniture and other interior decor. Arne Jacobsen's productions are more relevant than ever—and have enjoyed a strong revival over the last 20 years. He embodies the balancing act of elite creator and household name.

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