Elf Girl on Skies Ornament (2.75" W), Silver Plated
Rosendahl Elf Girl on Skies Ornament (2.75" W), Silver Plated
Designed by Ole Kortzau
Item #: RD31392
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  • Designer: Ole Kortzau
  • Item #: RD31392
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  • Dimensions: 2.75" W (7 cm W)
  • Material: Silver Plated Metal
  • Care: Care Instructions Included
  • When the Christmas tree was lit at Rungstedlund, the candlelight would reflect in the shiny decorations, giving the room a very special glow. Karen Blixen's Jul is designed by Ole Kortzau, who has used flowers as an inspiration for the various parts of the series. The gold or silver-plated Christmas stars, candles and ornaments are beautiful for the tree, window, on the mantelpiece or can become part of a Scandinavian table decoration. For every piece sold, a donation is made towards new exhibitions at the Karen Blixen Museum in Rungstedlund, Denmark.
    Ole KortzauDesigner Ole Kortzau created Rosendahl’s design line of beautiful Christmas and Easter decorations that are part of the Karen Blixen Collection. Ole Kortzau derives much of his inspiration from nature. He has this to say about his designs: "I am attracted to amorphous shapes and the play of light on the surfaces of materials. Associations with Danish culture and nature are my sources of inspiration. The shape is always based on my recollections of nature’s own shapes, without being photographic replicas. Design must never be either too artful or too rational. I like it best when things are rooted in the past and have a story to tell." Karen Blixen loved to surround herself with flowers so they are a recurring theme in the different items of the range. For each product sold in the Karen Blixen Collection, a donation is made towards new exhibitions at the Karen Blixen Museum, Rungstedlund.

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