Rosendahl Storage Jars - Opus & Grand Cru

Rosendahl jars are intended for use either in the kitchen or on the dining table. These storage jars are a natural place for all the things we keep in our kitchens for use in day-to-day food preparation. The jars are ideal for storing anything from pasta or sugar to breakfast cereal and seasonings. The tops amd stoppers ensure an airtight seal to lock in the taste and flavor.

At FJORN Scandinavian we believe in the ideal encounter between creativity and structure. Good design is found where this balance is struck. We have found that Rosendahl Copenhagen lives in this encounter between creative lines and stringent lines. Working closely with world renowned designers, Rosendahl has created products that are respectful of Scandinavian design traditions and yet explore this valuable design encounter.

The more than 300 Rosendahl objects we feature are accessible utility items not reserved for special occasions only. On the contrary, these high quality collections can become an integral part of a more beautiful everyday life.
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