Blue Fluted Mega Dish with Lid, 1 qt.
Blue Fluted Mega Dish with Lid, 1 qt.
Blue Fluted Mega Dish with Lid, 1 qt.
Item #: RC-1016883-FJ
Royal Copenhagen | Denmark
Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days.
  • Brand: Royal Copenhagen | Denmark
  • Item #: RC-1016883-FJ
  • Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days.
  • Capacity: 1 qt.
  • Material:
    Hand Painted Porcelain
  • Care:
    Dishwasher Safe. Microwave Safe.
  • Country: Denmark
  • This 100 cl Blue Fluted Mega Bowl with Lid surprises with its eye-catching details of magnified elements in hand painted blue. The flat lid makes for a simplistic style, while also making the bowl stackable. Blue Fluted Mega is comfortingly familiar yet surprisingly refreshing. Born from a bold reinterpretation of the iconic pattern of Blue Fluted Plain, Blue Fluted Mega captivates with graphic and magnified sections of the original mussel painted pattern. Since its creation in 2000, Blue Fluted Mega has grown to become a true, new classic in Danish design. The eye-catching collection is beautiful on its own or in combination with the Limited Edition collection Mega Rose or any other Royal Copenhagen dinner service.
    Royal Copenhagen | DenmarkRoyal Copenhagen | DenmarkRoyal Copenhagen | Denmark

    Founded in 1775, Royal Copenhagen is one of the world's oldest companies, and for more than 235 years their products have been made with not only the deepest respect for tradition, but also the highest standards of craftsmanship. Today, Royal Copenhagen is a highly distinguished brand, renowned for its exclusive quality porcelain products and its immaculate design.
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